A Better Body Begins with a Better Metabolism.

The 30 day coaching program to break free from a low metabolism, low calories, and low energy. No more rabbit food diets, look younger, fix your bloating, boost your energy, add lean muscle & reduce your biological age sustainably.

What Do I Get With The Metabolism Makeover?

  • 30 days of coaching
  • Lifetime access to the VIP members portal
  • Strength & nutrition plans designed for you based on your initial consultation
  • Suitable for beginners to advanced from home to gym
  • Access to our purpose build software "Upcoach"
  • Over 60+ pro-metabolic recipes, shopping list & meal plans
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"This is insane! I can't believe the difference in just one month"

When you fix the function of your body, like we helped Laura to - you can make significant changes, fast.  

More importantly, what we do is sustainable.  You can do My Way Up forever, and just continue to feel better, look better, and improve.

"I completely changed my life.  I'm going to live longer for my kids."

Monica has doubled her metabolism and lost over 33kgs of body fat.  She can eat and enjoy her food again!

We worked with her to transform her metabolism and body - and changed her life in the process.

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In just 30 days, we'll teach you how to build a better metabolism, & body. Here's how

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The road to rebuilding a stronger metabolism & a better body without the fad diets


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